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The Story

Between running the kids to soccer practice, doctor’s appointments, school, and work there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Unfortunately, feeding oneself often becomes an afterthought, and in an urgent moment to satisfy hunger, one opts for what is most convenient: closest in proximity, but also, highest in calories and refined sugars and lowest in nutrients.

While we would love to change our lifestyle to reflect our greater health goals, sometimes that is just not an option. So instead of going against the grain, we have decided to work within it, establishing ourselves as the leading food destination for the health and well being of you, fitting seamlessly in your active and busy lifestyle.

The Mission

We embody simple foods and nutrients that are consciously sourced and crafted to create sustenance to optimize fitness and overall vitality.

The Vision

We hope to create a shift to a more food-conscious preservation of self. In the process we want to do the legwork for you, leaving this earth a little bit better than how we found it. A sustainable future not only embodies a more sustainable world, but also a more sustainable you.

Embody Detox Regimen - Nutrient Level 1 - Calories 799-999 Protein 69-89g

$ 59.00

Embody's new DETOX Regimen - with less than 20g of sugar and 80g of protein, the DETOX Regimen is rich in nutritive function and designed to jumpstart your healthy habits. 

Nutrient Level 1

Calories: 799-999 

Protein: 69-89g

Carbs: Approx. 100g

(Ratio 80/20, Veg/Fruit)

Sugars: Under 20g

Select the number of days you want to book from the drop down menu:

1 Day - $59.00/day

3 Days - $55.00/day

5/6 Days - $49.00/day

Please select the days you would like delivery/collection, and add any dietary requests such as allergies in the "Allergies Box". If you have any questions please call - 866.534.1012

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